Grand Velas Los Cabos: setting precedents for Interior designers " />

Grand Velas Los Cabos: setting precedents for Interior designers


By Vanessa Martinez

At just one month from celebrating their 1st Anniversary, Grand Velas Los Cabos has been awarded 6 Gold Medals for their remarkable interior designing granted by the Ibero-American Council of Interior Design (CIDI) during the 9th edition of their renowned Biennale.

Melín Castro with Juan Bernardo Dolores

Seven of the eight interior design projects presented to CIDI were awarded the Gold Medal in the Special Category Hospitality, Hotels, Resorts and Spas for the interior work done at Grand Velas Los Cabos by Lic. Larissa García de Cassal Diseño at Piaf Restaurant; Ernesto Vela from Ernesto Vela Architects for his design in the Cocina de Autor restaurant and in the bars Cocina de Autor, Koi Bar, as well as in Koi Bar of Grand Velas Riviera Maya.

Juan Bernardo Dolores and his wife with Larissa García y Ernesto Vela

Renowned interior designer Melín Castro of Melín Castro Design – who was previously awarded the Silver and Gold Medal in 2011 for his work at Grand Velas Riviera Maya and with Gold Medal as a recognition for her trajectory in 2012 – was recognized for his outstanding work in Lobby, Spa and Boutique.

Lobby de Grand Velas Los Cabos

Grand Velas Los Cabos Lobby

The President of the CIDI, Juan Bernardo Dolores, addressed the innovative concept of Grand Velas Los Cabos to include five firms of interior designers, and setting precedents for Biennials to come, adding that “in 20 years of Biennale we had never observed a project that was divided in many studies of architecture and interior design to achieve an extraordinary and quality design”.

SE Spa de Grand Velas Los Cabos

SE Spa by Grand Velas Los Cabos

This innovation has emerged from the always-enterprising vision of Eduardo Vela Ruiz, President of Velas Resorts, who is constantly seeking to reinvent himself by surpassing his previous projects and surprising the hospitality industry –and the Ibero-American Council this occasion, fact that has deserved a special appointment to Grand Velas Los Cabos.


Grand Velas Los Cabos Boutique

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