Todos Santos, the biggest culture festival of Los Cabos " />

Todos Santos, the biggest culture festival of Los Cabos

Things to do

The Magic town Todos Santos, is a wonderful place full of art, color and flavours. Famous for being home to some artis and serving as inspiration for the world known song that says: “On the dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair”; exactly, Hotel California by The Eagles, but that’s another story. The first days of February one of the most important cultural events in the state of Baja California Sur takes place: The Art festival of Todos Santos.

Since its creation in 1997, this festival represents a tradition for both, residents and visitors of Todos Santos, mainly because everything around becomes an expression of art. You only have to walk  through the streets to find an artful display of culture and artistic forms that will impress you.

The Art festival of Todos Santos will be held, as it is accustomed to, from February 6th to 13th,  where an endless schedule of cultural events will be conducted; musicians, dancers and theater actors will delight you with live performances, and visual artists will exhibit their ceramic handcrafts, photographs, paintings, drawings and many more.

In case you want to take home a piece of artwork, and bring a slice of Todos Santos to your place of origin, artisans offer a selected collection of their creations on sale, each with a rich reflection of the traditions and historical roots from this wonderful and magical town.

If you consider yourself an art collector and lover of vibrant folklore expressions, this is an event you cannot miss. Todos Santos will be waiting with open arms to provide you with enjoyable moments and an array of arts and crafts for you!

Photo credit: TodosSantos