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Your next travel: take care of the world

When you make plans for a new journey, we are sure that every detail counts. The hotel where you are going to stay or the clothes that you need to pack are important things to think about before the trip. But, usually, we forget some habits that impact in a positive way to our health and to the environment.

These are the tips that you should consider on your next holiday to Los Cabos.

You have everything

Nowadays, there are many online stores with zero waste options like steel straws, bamboo cutlery or thermic bottles. The fact is that you could substitute those products with the ones you already have at home. So, put on your checklist a reusable water bottle.

Besides, we know that while you walk through Los Cabos, you will want to buy all the souvenirs to give with you a little piece of the place. For this reason is important to pack in your suitcases some tote bags, which will be really useful to avoid plastic bags.

Tote bag

Image via Camaloon

Consume organic

The organic products have unnumbered benefits to our health. One of them is the high levels of vitamins and minerals, as they are free of insecticides, hormones and other chemicals.

Consume organic and local products is not just good for your body, also the support on the economy of the place is a relevant advantage.

In Los Cabos, there are many places to eat well and healthy, for example, Mint Jungle & Amber’s Market is a restaurant and market with organic products. It is perfect to have a good time with friends or family.

On the other hand, many hotels offer organic options such as Mar del Cabo, which have available an organic market for their guests. So, you will enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetables to prepare a fresh salad. 

If you are looking for a gourmet experience with organic products, the option in this hotel is its restaurant Encanto, inspired in the savor from Baja California and the Mediterranean.

Mercado orgánico en Mar del Cabo

Image via Mar del Cabo

Fun on wheels

Everybody has been a tourist and we know that is very comfortable to rent a car. But, if you are traveling with friends, have you think about all the adventures that you could live if you rent bicycles and have a tour in the city?

Los Cabos offers a variety of possibilities that are perfect to harmonize with nature while you discover the place. A good option for those who like extreme sports is a tour on a mountain bike. Check all the activities that Cabo Adventures has, exercise you and take care of the environment.

Cabo Adventures

Image via Cabo Adventures

No matter where you go, every action that you take will have an important influence on the world and your health.