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Why is Los Cabos the best destination for Surf & Turf?

A truly avant-garde experience recently came to my mind, and I just can’t get it out of my head! I´m talking about the Surf and Turf meal. This dish was first served during the 1960s and the term “Surf and Turf” simply means water and land. 

This course originally combined seafood and prime cuts, such as the filet mignon. Fortunately, the wide variety of ingredients lead to the creation of more appealing and delightful meals.

Gourmet meal Surf and Turf

Photo by BBC Good Foof

As time goes by, Surf and Turf became a unique culinary experience. Just imagine the art of combining the flavors, textures and aromas of both atmospheres. As a result of this, chefs that specialize in this type of cuisine found the way to show off their creative flair and passion. 

I recently read about an unusual but extremely appealing experience in Marrakesh. Participants get the chance to surf the best Morocco waves, take a camel ride, and enjoy camping under the desert stars. 

Surf and Turf experience through the desert and the beaches of Marrakesh

Photo by Blue Waves

Reading about that tour made me think of how wonderful it would be to complement such a fascinating dining experience with those amazing activities. A journey that makes you explore and immerse in the sea and dessert. 

Fortunately, in Mexico there’s a place where you can enjoy the marvels of both ecosystems. Los Cabos blends the beauty of the ocean and the desert. If you´re planning your next vacations, Los Cabos is the perfect place to enjoy this one-of-a kind adventure. 

A luxury resort in Los Cabos created a Surf and Turf experience that you won´t find anywhere else in the region. This two-day trip includes exciting activities and a five-course menu that blends the unique flavors of land and sea. 

Picture yourself here: taking a bike ride through Los Cabos desert and sailing on the Sea of Cortez to swim along its marine life. And why not? Enjoying your favorite cocktail and tasty cuisine such as dried chili-marinated grilled octopus, Negra Modelo-steamed black mussels, blue agave crème brûlée, among others.

Surf and Turf Experience at Grand Velas Los Cabos with gourmet meals and activities through the desert and the Sea of Cortez

Photo by Velas Resorts

Now that you know that Surf and Turf is better when it goes above and beyond your culinary expectations, I invite you to enjoy this experience in Los Cabos. Delight in tasty flavors and get an adrenaline rush too. After all, surf and turf would be just the complement.