Gray whales in Los Cabos: An expedition with style " />

Gray whales in Los Cabos: An expedition with style


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As every year, Los Cabos is the home of gray whales that migrate from far away in order to complete its reproductive cycle in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. These species travel more than 16,000 kilometers from Polar Arctic Circle through the coasts of Alaska, Canada, northern United States and California until they reach this warm destination.

For the tourists to watch grey whales is an fantastic experience because these creatures use to approach boats, get their head above water, splash, jump and lift its tail to greet the passengers. You can only acquire this tour through tourism services providers.

These giant mammals measure about 15 meters of height and have a weight of 30 tonnes, while baby whales measure between 4 and 5 meters with a weight of 750 kilos. In the South Californian sea you can also see other species such as turtles, dolphins, sea lions, and migratory birds like herons, ducks and gulls.

The whale watching is a magical experience especially if a mother whale approaches the boat with its babies. To admire these animals is a unique opportunity that you can’t miss. The season to enjoy this show begins in December and ends in April, and the expedition usually starts at 8:00 a.m.