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Sofi Hernández

Grand Velas: A concept beyond luxury

Grand Velas resorts have set an unparalleled standard in luxury hospitality in recent years. With properties in iconic Mexican destinations like Los Cabos, Vallarta-Nayarit, and Riviera Maya, Grand Velas resorts offer a unique experience that combines elegance and exceptional service with Mexico’s cultural authenticity and beauty.

Inspired by this exclusive collection, the concept of the new adults-only Grand Velas Boutique Hotel Los Cabos, which will open its doors in late 2023, was born.

Now, we’ll tell you more about what makes Grand Velas’ iconic Luxury All-Inclusive unique and, at the same time, give you a little taste of what you’ll experience at this new boutique hotel. Shall we begin?

Render by Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos

Hyper-personalized service

How about a drink as you enter the lobby or a relaxing back massage while you check-in? The staff is dedicated to exceeding your expectations from your arrival to your departure. In the Grand Velas concept, everything revolves around you as a guest because we know that each person has different tastes, needs, and preferences, motivating us to provide you with a unique stay.

At Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos, personalized service goes a step further, becoming hyper-personalized. This means that the vacation experience reaches a new level of individualization thanks to its boutique nature. Being a hotel with 79 suites, smaller than its sister resorts, allows every detail to be even more tailored to your needs.

Photo by Grand Velas

World-class dining

The culinary experience at Grand Velas resorts is a true gem. Each resort offers a selection of world-class restaurants, including establishments awarded with Diamonds by the American Automobile Association (AAA) or renowned chefs like Sidney Schutte, holder of 2 Michelin stars. Guests can enjoy a culinary journey, from Mexican or French cuisine to Japanese or Italian, along with the finest wines and spirits.

Photo by Grand Velas

Wellness and relaxation

Grand Velas is also synonymous with well-being. Their world-class SE Spas, some even awarded 5 Stars by Forbes Travel Guide, offer unique treatments designed to merge with the nature of Mexico. Additionally, you can enjoy relaxation-focused activities like yoga and meditation.

Impressive architectural design

The design complements the natural surroundings, resulting in impressive architecture. Each property blends perfectly with its environment, allowing guests to enjoy a harmonious and beautiful ambiance.

Photo by Grand Velas Los Cabos

Sustainability and social commitment

There is a solid commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Each property has implemented ecological practices and programs to protect the environment and support local communities. So, on your journey, you will also reduce your carbon footprint.

Grand Velas properties are more than just places to stay; they are destinations that provide guests with an authentic, enriching, and exceptional experience focused on excellence and the creation of unforgettable memories.

The next time you seek a vacation beyond conventional luxury, with all the perks that a Grand Velas resort offers, but in an intimate, adults-only setting, Grand Velas Boutique Los Cabos is your top choice. Its opening is approaching, and you can already make your reservation! By the end of 2023, you could be among the first to explore and experience this new concept. Are you in?

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