Dare to live a Middle East experience in Los Cabos " />

Dare to live a Middle East experience in Los Cabos


Things to do

Sounds unbelievable that you can find camels in Los Cabos… How this could be possible? Reality always goes beyond fiction, and for many years this destination has offered the experience of taking a ride on the hump of these animals.

Those people who already took this tour, describe camels as sociables and friendly. While you are riding one, you will feel an inner peace and will connect with it like if its your pet.

This tour starts in San Cristóbal Ranch, a natural semi-desert reserve. There you’ll aboard an expedition vehicle known as the “Unimog”, which transports up to fourteen people. You will be guided by an expert who will inform you about the security measures of riding a camel.

The Camel Quest and Camel Encounter tours will take you across the desert until reach the bottom of a canyon. You’ll also find challenges, games and other surprises along the way. At present, this ride has become one of the main tourist attractions in Los Cabos.

The experience of riding a camel at Los Cabos is similar to any other at the Middle East, where the inhabitants use this animals as a means of transport. Take your family or partner on an adventure they will never forget!