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Culinary Delights: traditional dishes of Los Cabos

Neftali Aguilar


For being a destination surrounded by mountainous desert and located between the Sea of Cortés and the Pacific Ocean, Los Cabos gastronomy focuses on dishes made with fish, mollusks, crustaceans and other species that, maybe, your never thought you could eat as the stingray manta.

Among the traditional dishes of Los Cabos, you will find fish, shrimp and octopus tacos, browned crab, smoked marlin tostadas, grilled clams, abalone or squid chilorio, and stuffed crab. Similar to other destinations in the country, the best restaurants  in Los Cabos has its own style for preparing dishes, such as tamales fajados (stuffed with chicken) and the tamales de güemes–made with pork meat or chicken, raisins, olive oil and olives.

When it comes to drinks, there are several you can’t miss, like the clamato (tomato juices and seasoned clam), pithaya flavored water, date and Damian liquor (made of wild plant); the last one is produced by Guaycura natives for their ceremonies.

To sweeten the palate we recommend you to eat the variety of regional candies, like fruit jellies such as guava, mangoes and pitahaya; dates, green papaya and figs in syrup.

Los Cabos keeps growing; new resorts are about to open. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit this paradisiacal place and try the best restaurants in Los Cabos.

Photo Credit: Entérate Ahora