the most spectacular event in Los Cabos: IRONMAN 2016   " />

Compete in the most spectacular event in Los Cabos: IRONMAN 2016

Los Cabos Mexico

Things to do

Test your sport abilities in an event that will demonstrate your swimming, cycling and resistance skills: IRONMAN 2016. This event is organized every year in Los Cabos and it is one of the most important in the history triathlons.

IRONMAN 2016 consists of 3 sports:swimming, running and biking. Differently from other triathlons, this event is considered the most competitive due to the different tactics you need to know. Approximately, athletes will do 3.8 kilometers swimming, 180 kilometers cycling and a 42.2 kilometers marathon.

Due to the levels of difficulty, the competition is a challenge that implies physical effort and tenacity. If you are planning on participating, the organizers recommend the following tips:

Find the perfect race for you

Each person has different capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. Some are excellent swimmers, others are good at biking, and others are good for running. Choose the ideal choice for you, and keep in mind that the abilities that you possess are a key point to demonstrate your resistance in every category.

Prepare a good strategy

If you have the opportunity, practice in a space that can allow you to get more experience while you improve your performance. Also, take some time to make a good planning to adapt to the requirements of the competition.

If you like the challenges and want to participate in IRONMAN 2016, reserve your place! For more information visit the official website of the event: