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Andrea Martinez

‘Adopt a Plant,’ an initiative to cultivate green awareness

Photo: Sketchepedia via Freepik

The benefits that plants provide to human beings are plentiful. They purify the air we breathe, sustain approximately 50% of the human diet, offer options for beauty and skincare, and provide us with many substances and compounds from which approximately 25% of modern medicines derive. The list could go on and on.

On the other hand, it has been proven that green areas and spaces abundant in vegetation, whether indoors or outdoors, promote a sense of well-being and stimulate concentration and creativity. Unsurprisingly, the quality of life depends on plants in many ways, as they are crucial for life on Earth. Therefore, at Grand Velas, we believe in the relevance of this program to cultivate the minds of the youngest and reap good results in the future.

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“Adopt a Plant” Program

Photo: Grand Velas Los Cabos

This spring, Grand Velas Los Cabos will introduce a program where younger guests can choose, adopt, and care for a plant during their stay at the resort. This project aims to raise awareness among children about the importance of caring for nature while they learn about the responsibilities of caring for a living being and develop a connection with it and the area where it comes from.

The resort offers a wide variety of plants to choose from, ranging from those with colorful flowers to exotic succulents. Once chosen, and with the guidance of trained staff, children will learn about watering, pruning, and sun exposure to know how to care for their plant. With this, it is hoped that children will better understand the natural world and the importance of caring for and respecting life in all its forms.

Photo: Grand Velas Los Cabos

Moreover, they won’t have to worry once the vacation is over! That’s not the end of this blossoming friendship. To keep the connection alive, the resort will continue to send updates about the status of the plant via email so that the child can witness the changes and growth of their friend. Whether it’s a snapshot of it basking in the sun or showing new shoots and/or flowers, they can stay informed and anticipate the next chapter in their plant’s journey until the day they visit the resort again.

Indeed, taking a break and learning about our natural environment in this fast-paced era is a valuable lesson for the little ones, as plants are indispensable for life on Earth. At Velas Resorts, we believe in the importance of sowing long-lasting connections.

Green is for hope!