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4 Surprising Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters and Activities

Given that the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean have some of the best inshore and offshore angling destinations in Mexico, Los Cabos has built up a serious reputation among fishing lovers around the world. Snook, saw fish, shark and roosterfish are some of the species you can find around. 


If you’re looking for Cabo San Lucas fishing charters and activities, check out these four surprising angling tours: 




Get outside and enjoy nature with this wonderful fishing trip. Whether you prefer a five or eight hour excursion, you’ll have your own private chef prepare the fish you catch. And guess what? The tour also includes breakfast, unlimited beers and margaritas on board. 


Depending on your preferences, you can pick the charter that suits you best. Just picture this: catching an endemic marine creature while enjoying the ocean breeze. This is a Cabo San Lucas fishing charter you can’t miss! 


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  • Spearfishing 


We know fishing is a new challenge every time you hit the water. If you’re looking for a spearfishing adventure in Los Cabos, there’s a tour operator that offers completely custom-tailored trips. Maybe you don’t want to travel with all your gear. Don’t worry! The tour operator staff provides you with the necessary gear for free. 


The most interesting part is that when you sign up for a trip, you can choose the number of days you’d like to take the tour, number of divers, species you’d like to target, and the specific destinations you’d like to dive. The perfect tour to interact with nature with a rod and reel. 


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  • Inshore Fishing 


All anglers love spending hours and hours on the water while enjoying the soothing sounds of nature. But, if you’re travelling with small children or a person who might get bored on a long sailing trip, you should definitely choose an inshore fishing experience


Depending on the time of year and currents, with this tour you can fish smaller marine species including rooster fish, Spanish mackerel, snapper and yellow tail. A Cabo San Lucas fishing trip you won’t soon forget. 


  • Drone Fishing  


Looking to take things to the next level? Try drone fishing! There are many advantages in using drones for your fishing purposes. You can record the whole flight and see the drop point. Given that you don’t need a boat, the fishing drone won’t scare out fish that are on the water surface. 


If you’re looking a change-up from the traditional fishing trip, there’s a resort in Cabo that gives you the opportunity to enjoy drone fishing. What makes it different from other tours is that if you stay at the resort, there’s no need to leave the property. 


You can catch an endemic marine creature from the resort’s beach, delight in a gourmet breakfast, and enjoy top-shelf service. Aside from a professional instructor, the activity also includes chairs and a beach umbrella. And not only that, did you know that this is the first resort in Cabo to offer this activity


So, there you have it. Fishing gives you the chance to really detach from your work and enjoy a restorative experience. Choose the fishing trip that suits your needs and preferences.