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Los Cabos, a destination for celebrities and millionaires

Los Cabos, a destination for celebrities and millionaires

When someone is about to vacation, the first thing to choose is the place; a new site where he or she can enjoy of the tranquility of nature or of a party atmosphere -depending on the expectations of each person. The prestigious magazine Forbes, in its latest edition, named Los Cabos, a destination for celebrities and millionaires, including it to the A-list destinations like Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Las Vegas.

In Los Cabos the travelers can find 2 environments in one: San Jose del Cabo, described as a serene place, full of boutiques and excellent restaurants; andCabos San Lucas, an ideal environment for partying, luxurious shopping- a destination of celebrities.

Framed by spectacular landscapes (from desert to the Sea of Cortez) Los Cabos has the best golf courses, luxury spas, tourist attraction such as sport fishing and whale watching, and a wide range of luxury hotels. In 2016, this destination will offer 5-Diamond resort, to pamper the most demanding travelers that seek to rest and have fun.

Amongst those who have visited Los Cabos are actos, singers and famous entrepreneurs like Jennifer Aniston, George Clooney, Cameron Díaz, Justin Timberlake and Oprah Winfrey.

Join tours and visit the beautiful desert landscapes in Baja California, rent a camel and enjoy spectacular views. If you plan to travel in summer, autumn, winter or spring, Los Cabos awaits you with the best options every day of the year. Visit Los Cabos, a destination for celebrities and millionaires.

Photo Credit: Javier Crespo



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