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A special recipe to celebrate Thanksgiving

It’s not just a scene from a movie, Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the United States. Every 4th Thursday of November, it is more than a family reunion with a special dinner, it is a tradition known worldwide that has a very particular history and a very important meaning for Americans.

In 1621, a group of settlers from Plymouth, now Massachusetts, prepared a meal to share with the Wampanoag Indians, to celebrate the fall’s harvest, and to appreciate their teachings on hunting and farming.

It was until 1863, that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday that would be celebrated on the last Thursday of November, and the main motive since then continues to be to share with loved ones a dinner in gratitude for the moments of the year.

Among a very varied menu such as carrot cake, cranberry sauce, vegetable cream, and more, the star of the holiday is turkey. To a classic recipe, we gave the Velas Resorts style and a very Mexican touch, we share the step-by-step to prepare a delicious adobo turkey… a second recipe to close this special celebration tied with a lovely ribbon, and a surprise recipe that Mar del Cabo has share us for this season and that you can taste it at its Encanto restaurant. Shall we start cooking?

Adobo Marinade

Photo by Goya.com



And for the best moment of this celebration, you cannot miss a delicious dessert:

Pumpkin pie

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For the pie crust

For the stuffing


Pie crust


Cranberry Mole Sauce

Photo by Mar del Cabo



Happy Thanksgiving!



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