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50th birthday ideas in Los Cabos to Disconnect and Relax

yate cerca de el arco del fin del mundo

Turning 50 is a major milestone because this stage is like a new beginning. If you or your significant other are reaching this age, there’re amazing 50th birthday ideas you’ll remember for a lifetime. For example, Los Cabos is an awe-inspiring beach destination in Mexico that has become a favorite for senior people. 

If you want to forget stress and try something different in your life, take a look at these 50th birthday ideas in Los Cabos:

Treat yourself to a Spa treatment 

There’re so many mental and physical benefits of a Spa treatment for your mind and your body. Working too hard can result in extremely high levels of stress that may affect your health. By visiting a Spa you can relax, rejuvenate and recharge your batteries. So, it’s really important to take care of your body and mind as it can improve your physical appearance and boost your self-esteem.  

Another interesting fact is that there’re so many anti-aging and skin benefits that you can attain from a visit to a Spa. Facials along with body treatments cater to skin problems and enable you to keep looking at your best. After a Spa treatment you’ll be walking on clouds. 

Toast with champagne on the beach 

There’s no better way to relax and disconnect from the world that hearing the lapping waves while delighting in a champagne glass. Doesn’t it sound like a dream? Not only that. Did you know that the moderate consumption of champagne brings surprising health benefits? Scientists at Reading University demonstrated for the first time that this drink improves your memory. 

Champagne is also good for your heart and improves your skin. So, what are you waiting for? Head to the beach and delight in a glass of champagne while hearing the whispering sounds of nature. Le Blanc is a resort in Los Cabos that offers a peaceful sailing tour with champagne included. Take advantage of it! 

Photo by Le Blanc

Enjoy a scenic helicopter flight 

Imagine soaring above the emblematic Arch – an amazing rock formation that jets out of the water right where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean meet –, taking in captivating sights and sounds. This is a great way to break your routine and do something amazing. The most impressive views in Los Cabos are here. 

What’s even nicer still are the close-up views low to the ground that are not possible in any other aircraft. That’s why a helicopter ride offers plenty of amazing photographs. Meicer Aviación is a great option if you want to enjoy this magical experience in Los Cabos. A 50th birthday idea you’ll surely love! 

Photo by Get your Guide

Charter a yacht 

One of the most wonderful options for travelers seeking oceanfront privacy. Picture this: Cruising along the waves feeling the ocean breeze caressing your skin. The only sounds are the lapping waves and the birds singing. Pure heaven! Given that most of the yacht tours include a visit to the Arch, you’ll be sure to uncover some of the dreamiest landscapes. 

Simply let the waves carry off! Go Adventures provides you with exclusive yacht chartering services. You’ll realize that this experience is one of the best things to do in your 50s. 

But wait! We have good news for you. If you prefer to book one single tour that includes all of the activities mentioned above, there’s a luxury resort in Los Cabos that offers exclusive multi-day experiences and top-notch amenities for people turning 50. 

Do you have any 50th birthday ideas in mind? Please share in the comments. 



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